ANimALOGICA WORKSHOP | I Love Buchla with Richard Lainhart

ANimALOGICA WORKSHOP | I Love Buchla with Richard Lainhart
Workshop on Buchla 200e synthesizer, by Richard Lainhart
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23.1.2010, h 14:30 workshop, h 24:00 live performance
Netmage.10 Live Media Festival, Palazzo Re Renzo, Piazza Nettuno, Bologna
The promise of electronic music has been, from the beginning, to provide the composer with the means to create his or her own unique sounds and musics without the need for intermediaries like performers and technicians. And the problem with electronic music has been, from the beginning, to endow synthesized sound with the same organic expressivity found in acoustic instruments and natural sound while making synthesizers viable performance instruments in their own right. The first electronic instruments intended for performance, such as the Theremin and the Ondes Martenot, while providing the performer with highly nuanced pitch control, had limited sound- shaping control and could only play one note at a time. The first modular analog synthesizers, while offering polyphony – the ability to play multiple notes simultaneously – and unlimited sonic control, had limited expressive performance control and were completely impractical for live use. There have been many attempts since then to integrate the unlimited potential of modular analog synthesis with practical performance capabilities, and to provide the electronic music composer/performer with the kind of expressive musical control available in advanced acoustic instruments. Among of the most successful and creative of these efforts are the Buchla 200e analog modular synthesizer and the Haken Continuum Fingerboard. Buchla’s 200e is the first modular analog synth with patch memory and the ability to re-route patchcords on the fly, making it an ideal instrument for performance, capable of both the highest and lowest levels of control. The Continuum is a unique multidimensional controller keyboard that senses direct finger movement in three dimensions (X, Y, and pressure) for each of up to 16 fingers, making it one of the most advanced performance controllers available today. Together, the 200e and the Continuum make for an electronic music performance system of unparalleled expressivity and sensitivity. In his workshop, Richard will demonstrate the synthesis and control functions of the Buchla 200e with an emphasis on patch programming for maximum expressivity under Continuum control. The workshop will conclude with a live performance focusing on the Continuum/Buchla 200e system’s expressive control capabilities, featuring Richard’s transcription of Olivier Messiaen’s “Oraison”, originally written for six Ondes Martenot. Time permitting, workshop attendees will also have the opportunity to play the system themselves.
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